Ashtanga Mysore Style Summer Hit

Are you ready for Mysore Style classes? In any case there is a super opportunity for all Yoga practioners in June/July and August to built your own practice during this time. The monthly fee for every day Yoga in the morning is 75 Euro. In Summer season there is always a bit more time for all students because not so many students are in the Studio. Some are on vacations etc. During this time you can learn and understand much more about Yoga in gerneral if you come in the Studio. I can observe and help you much better in your Yoga practice, I can give deeper adjustments or new Asanas. If you have any issues with your bodies and you would like to understand more about these issues you can always talk about this with Manuela. Manuela is doing Cranial Sacral Treatments. She knows a lot about the Anatomy of the body, the flow of Energy in the body and physical blocks.