Yoga is neither gymnastics nor a workout. Yoga is introspection and has an effect on the body, mind and soul. Yoga will bring you to a place of peace with yourself and with
others. Each Asana is in its entirety a harmonious dance between movement and breathing.
with a view to a point on the outside, but with a retreat of the senses to the inside.


If you breathe, you can practice yoga. Yoga is not an exotic or complicated affair, but rather a
an easy way to enrich his life. No age, no constitution or specific faith stands in the way. Yoga suits every body and every life situation. Everyone has the
to adapt his movements to his breath. In this way authentic yogis are created and no
Asana junkies.


A good yoga teacher picks up the student where he is in his yoga practice. He recognizes
about the body, movement and breathing, where the person is at the moment and what it is like to be in the world.
to bring harmony back. A good yoga teacher instructs the student to
in the development of his own yoga and not in the adoption of what the yoga teacher
I practiced it myself. He is interested in the student’s development and not in his followers.

Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style

Ashtanga Mysore Style Practice is a special approach to build one´s own Yoga Practice. A qualified teacher is observing the students, giving adjustments and is interested in building a yoga practice together with the students according their flexibility and strengths of the students.

Mysore style practice is a special method to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The Essence of a Mysore class is the silence and the peacefull energy the students create while practicing. The teacher is interested in holding this space for each student. I am sure that in this space which is safe and at the same time full of good energy growth on all levels can happen.

Led classes are guided classes. Every single Asana will be described by the teacher. We hold every Asana more than 5 breath in order to experience the essence and the meaning of the Asana.

Ashtanga Yoga half Primary: Led class until Navasana or a couple of Asanas after Navasana and all end poses.

Ashtanga Yoga Primary: The whole first series in Ashtanga Yoga called also Yoga Chikitsa is led by the teacher.

Led classes are good for students which are used to practice regularly.

Yoga Basic

Yoga Basic is led class which is based on Ashtanga Yoga. In that class the main focus is calming the nerve and body / mind system. We get in contact with the spirits in the body, we observe while moving and breathing in consciosness.

This class is for people with little Yoga experience and for advanced students as well.

Yoga and Body health Coach - a personal Yoga and Health approach

Are you in physical pain? Does this limit your movements? Don’t you dare to do different movements anymore? Do you already avoid situations or events that you liked to do without pain? Is there already a certain listlessness in you? Would you like to get fit again, be pain-free and be able to move freely again? Or maybe you just want to try something new, but you’re not sure if yoga is right for you because you haven’t felt really stretched  for many years?

If only one of these questions applies to you or resonates with you and you are ready to change something in your life, then get in touch with me. Write me an email or just give me a call.

I can help you to find your good body feeling again, to improve it. I will support you by showing you the right physical exercises so that you become more flexible again, feel more enjoyment of life and, above all and most probably you will be pain free again.

Your program to get back into the flow includes:

1) One personal interview (to get to know you) 

2)  One Cranio Sacrale treatment (to get to know your body)

3) An individual body exercise program  (which we work out together and might be adjusted throughout a certain time)

4) Regular practice in the group with individual support (so that you do everything right while practicing)

COSTS – INITIAL PACKAGE EURO 200 (which includes in detail):

ad 1) and ad 2) is good to book together EURO 120  (2 hours)

ad 3) 60 Minutes physical exercises EURO 60 

ad 4) first class in the group with individual coaching is EURO 20 (all other classes are 17 EURO) 

WHERE:  MAVIE YOGA CLUB WIEN, Gentzgasse 13, 1180 Vienna

WHO will coach you: Manuela Jordan-Sima, Cranio Sacrale Therapist and Yoga Coach

CONTACT email: manuela@mavieyoga.at

Mobile contact: +43 676 56 660 28

Looking forward to meeting you!

yin yoga

In each of us, the forces Yin and Yang, the male and female principles, are precent. In Yin Yoga, we practice softness and serenity, practice introspection and allow ourselves to be carried away by the breath.
The careful holding of poses with a big focus on the breath brings us in our centre in our ease and silence. By holding long positions, we get the chance to feel deeply inside ourselves. Active passivity teaches us to accept all that appears to be in self-love. The class is accompanied by gentle melodic sounds.