I desire stillness for that which I do,
as healing is born of it

„Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come“. Victor Hugo
The Yoga Club in the 18th destrict of Vienna – a place where Yoga is not only taught but lived.

  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Mysore Classes
  • Led Classes
  • Yoga Basic
  • Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Meditation

We teach 7 days a week early in the morning / before midday / afternoon / and evening.
Yoga for everyone, no matter how old or flexible you are. We are looking forward to you!

Manuela & Team

Yoga-Chikitsa of the Month

Each month we would like to get a better understanding in three different Asanas:

Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana | Drishti: third eye

The upward facing dog is part of Sun Salutation A and B (Surya Namaskara A und B) and part of all Vinyasas. Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana: After Chaturanga Dandasana, the hands should already be at the right place close to your chest and below your shoulders, you can start lifting up your body until your arms are completely outstretched. In the full pose just your hands and the back side of your feed are touching the floor. The whole front side of the body is activated, the toes are pulling backwards and the heals are rotating inwards. Bandhas (Uddiyana Bandha und Mula Bandha) are activated. The pubic bone is trying to touch the floor while the whole heart and chest area is getting opened while the shoulders are rolling backwards and at the same time they are pulled back down. The strong opening from the chest and heart area is kind of preparation for all backbends which are coming later in the sequence.

Utthita Hasta Padangushthasana B | Drishti: sidewards

“Outstretched hand is grapping the big toe“ This Asana can only work out well when stability is in the body mind system and standing on one leg is not a problem. Holding the hand on the hip and feeling the Uddiyana Bandha is kind of holding the middle line, the core or the center. The stronger the focus the better the standing. After 5 breath the leg is pulled to the side. But it is just the leg which will be moved not the hip. In order to keep the pelvis unchanged and stable you should activate the gluteus maximus. In this pose the Sacrum feels like to be the connection between spinal curve and the outstreched leg on the floor. From this point of energetic view you feel the middle line from the top of the head down to the sole of the foot which gives the stability you need for the whole body/mind system. Eine tiefe hörbare Atmung, die energetisch sogar die Fußsohle vom Standbein erreicht, öffnet die Hüfte und lässt das Bein noch leichter zur Seite ziehen.

Virabhadrasana A | Drishti: thumb


  • Yoga & Therapie Weingut Tauss 29. – 31. März 2019

    Ashtanga Yoga und Fokus auf den ursprünglichen geistigen & körperlichen Therapie-Ansatz. Yoga Therapie rückt nicht die Asana in den Vordergrund, sondern dich als Person in deiner Verkörperung als Mensch und in deiner Gesamtheit als Gesamtsystem (Körper/Geist/Seele) und dein Atem.

  • Yoga Retreat Amorgos | Griechenland 19. – 26. Sept. 2020

    Yoga üben, energetisch sich wieder erneuern, Bewusstheit schaffen, in die eigene Körpermitte  kommen. Dieser Prozess wird begleitet und unterstützt von Manuela – Yoga Teacher / Cranio Sacrale Therapeutin und ein ganzheitlicher.


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