The term “CranioSacral” is derived from Latin. “Cranium” refers to the skull and “Sacrum” to the sacrum. Biodynamic CranioSacral healing work is oriented towards the health of the client. It is based on the assumption that a “healing plan” is inherent in every physical system. The path and the goal is to activate this inner healing plan so that health can unfold freely and express itself fully.

Craniosacral therapy was developed at the beginning of the last century by the American physician and osteopath Dr. William G. Sutherland. Dr. Rollin Becker, a student of Dr. Sutherland, had a decisive influence on the biodynamic approach. Franklyn Sills gave him a unique format through the careful development of a therapeutic relationship field.

The Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy follows the inner healing plan, the healing and centering intention of the “Breath of Life”, which reveals itself in a state of wholeness, in a moment of deep inner silence.


CranioSacral therapists work with their hands. The prerequisites for a healing CranioSacral treatment are the established field of treatment and the abilities of the therapist. The client needs a safe environment in which his system can reveal itself. The therapist needs a high level of sensitivity, experience and the ability to feel, understand, see and care for the energies in a person’s system. Another essential point from my point of view and attitude is the absolute energetic purity of the therapist. This is the only way the therapist can relate to the client’s issues and feel them.

“In a crystal clear water every stone, every element reveals itself in a sharpness. In a polluted water it becomes difficult to recognize anything. Therapists should have the quality of crystal clear waters.”

If these conditions are met, it is easy to see shortenings, blockages, as well as dysfunctions and other irregularities of the body/system.

It is a work in silence. In this way the touch with the hands becomes a visual, salutary journey of perception for the client as well, who is held well and safely by the therapist. In this way the self-healing powers are stimulated and the intelligence inherent in every being can become active again for health.


Every pain, every kind of discomfort, listlessness, tiredness is based on one cause. However, if this cause is not found despite the exhaustion of all conventional medical possibilities, the Cranio Sacrale treatment can provide information very quickly.

All kinds of physical complaints, pain.

Depression, listlessness, tiredness, crises.

Every traumatic experience

Energy work in the physical system – energy balance – balancing of male & female energy, blockages along the midline, chakra balance

Energy independence and clearing

“The soul carries the suffering and the pain already longer and only when the climax of the ability to suffer is reached, it lets the body know and feel it!

Diseases of the spine | Migraine | Anxiety | Persistent malaise / nervousness / restlessness | Chronic and acute pain | Lumbago | Tensions and muscle strains | Stroke | Stress reduction | Depression | Persistent fatigue | Disturbances of the jaw joint | Carriers of orthodontic treatment | OP jaw, Tooth Removal | Tinnitus | Persistent Dizziness | Harmonization | Strengthening Life Energies and Rhythms | Temporal Disorders | Clearing – Liberation from Foreign Energies | Harmonization of Yin & Yang (Female & Male) Energies



  • Pre-meeting approx. 10 -15 minutes
  • Duration of treatment approx. 50 minutes
  • Rest period afterwards approx. 10 minutes
  • inkl. 20% VAT


CranioSacral-Praxis in Vienna

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Balancing male and female energy in the human body with Cranio Sacraler treatment.

Primarily the female energy must be healthy “Tarab Tulku”

Every human being, regardless of gender, carries male and female parts. C.G. Jung was the first psychological researcher to postulate the fact that every human psyche contains a female and a male part. On the physical level, the right side of the body is the energetically male side and the left side is the energetically female side.

Both energies can be imagined as cogwheels which, if they are in order, mesh and work together optimally. However, if one of the gears is damaged, both will suffer. The weakening of the female energy causes a disturbance of the male energy.

The harmony of female and male energy within us means that we feel comfortable, balanced, and not dependent on confirmation. If we think that we are all right but others do not feel well in our presence, or if others feel well but we ourselves feel that we are completely worn out in our constant service to others, the energies are not in balance. Cranio Sacrale treatment brings the female and male energy back into balance.

Cranio Sacrale treatment helps well with stress!

Stress is not visible – but can be felt by the stressed person! Either through acutely occurring palpitations, restlessness, panic attacks, high blood pressure, trembling, stomach pain, increased intestinal activity, a feeling of total overstrain, anxiety, nocturnal gnashing of teeth, hair loss, insomnia, etc., or through the effects of the treatment.

If the human system reacts already with one of the mentioned symptoms, then the nervous system is already in constant alert readiness and the stress factor already in the increased extent a permanent load for the total system human being and health problems are the result.

People who already show stress symptoms are well advised to get to the bottom of the cause. Combating stress symptoms with medical aids may provide relief in the short term, but in the long term it does not solve the real problem.
Especially with stress symptoms, it is important to find out what stresses people, what situation, so that change can happen where change is necessary, so that nothing stands in the way of a holistic recovery.

“I deal with the human system as a whole and bring the system into balance. I experience again and again that the body speaks a clear language”.

Cranio Sacrale energy work always goes back to the cause. A detailed discussion after the treatment gives clarity and assistance in coping with the topic. Together the system is made fit again and the remaining ailments usually disappear completely in the course of time. The human system always orients itself in the direction of health when it receives the right support.

“If I had a nail stuck in my foot, I would not have an injection administered in the lumbar vertebra area. I would first have the nail removed and then do what is necessary to heal the inflammatory part from the inside out.”

Cranio sessions – from the therapist’s point of view

People are more and more interested in Cranio Sacrale treatments. Why? There are an incredible number of people who suffer from physical pain but whose cause cannot be found. Many people are desperate and try everything possible to track down the problem. In the meantime, even open-minded doctors advise patients to undergo Cranio Sacral Treatments. What exactly happens in such a treatment is often explained or even described only little or often not at all. Therapists themselves usually remain silent.

The Cranio Sacral treatment is based on and takes place on several levels. On the physical level, on the fluid level and on the spiritual level of the human being. Now the human being as a whole is actually pure energy. The human being consists of energy and is surrounded by an energy body. Thus it becomes clear that the Cranio Sacral Work refers to an energetic system (human being in its entirety) and is therefore also energy work.

For many people this approach is foreign and difficult to understand.

Every Cranio Sacrale treatment proceeds differently from the perception of the therapist in the sense of individual – just as every person is individual and unique, there is no session comparable to another.

On this website ( I would like to make available experience reports which originate exclusively from my own activity as a Cranio Sacral Therapist. The clients are of course anonymous. This page is intended to bring the Cranio Sacrale form of treatment closer to interested people. I would like to give insights into treatments and above all report on how the lives of individual clients have changed with Cranio Sacrale treatments.

An essential part of my work is always the debriefing after the treatments. In these debriefings I work with pictures! Pictures that make it easier to understand your own topic. These pictures are visualized during the session and are therefore an expression of the system at the moment of the treatment. This makes it easier for the client to gain an understanding of the origin of his subject.

Information regarding cancellation of already agreed and booked Cranio Sacralen treatment appointments

Please understand if there is a special (cost) regulation for cancelled appointments at short notice:

1) Cancellation of appointments is possible without giving reasons at the latest 24 hours before the agreed date (only working days, Saturdays and Sundays are not considered by this hourly regulation). No costs will be incurred if this period is observed.

2) Stoning of appointments after the 24 hour period before the agreed date (only working days, Saturdays and Sundays are not considered by this hour regulation) are also possible: In this case, however, the total amount of a Cranio Sacralen treatment of EUR 84.00 will be charged without exception.