90-120 minutes
  • Yoga lesson in groups of up to 16 people. Our yoga teachers offer a variety of specialties.
    No registration necessary, just drop by!
    Prices incl. 20% VAT.


90 minutes
  • Yoga one-to-one lesson for beginners, practitioners & practitioners.
    Please contact us an make an appoinment.
    Prices incl. 20% VAT.


75 minutes
  • Cranio Sacral therapy
    Prices incl. 20% VAT.


1 Week

  • Unlimited participation in all courses. Valid for one week from date of purchase.

1 Month

  • Unlimited participation in all courses. Valid for one month from date of purchase.

3 Months

  • Unlimited participation in all courses. Valid for 3 1/2 months from date of purchase.

6 Months

  • Unlimited participation in all courses. Valid for 6 1/2 months from date of purchase.

12 Months

  • Unlimited participation in all courses. Valid for 13 months from date of purchase.

Block of 10

  • For the hard-working! 10 yoga lessons at a time! Discounts possible.

Block of 20

  • For the really hard-working! 20 yoga lessons at a time! Discounts possible.

NEW: Mysore Summer Hit

1 Month
  • Unlimited participation in all Mysore morning classes in June, July, August.

NEW: One Week trial Yoga pass

1 week
  • Unlimited participation for all Yoga Students who do not know the Studio.

All prices incl. 20% VAT.




Giving yoga vouchers is giving quality time. Please also ask for our vouchers in the studio.


Ashtanga Yoga Beginners course

Yoga is for all people.

Beginners course with Manuela
7th of September 2023

1. Unit   |   Thursday 7th of Sept |   07:00 pm

2. Unit   |   Thursday  14th of Sept |   07:00 pm

3. Unit   |   Thursday  21st of Sept  |   07:00 pm

4. Unit   |  Thursday  28th of Sept  |   07:00 pm

5. Unit   |  Thursday  5th of Oct  |  07:00 pm

6. Unit   |  Thursday  12th of Oct |   07:00 pm

7. Unit   |  Thursday 19th of Oct  |   07:00 pm

8. Unit   |  Thursday 26th of Oct |   07:00 pm



Beginners course with Manuela
2nd of November 2023

1. Unit   |   Thursday 2nd of Nov  |   07:00 pm

2. Unit   | Thursday  9th of Nov|   07:00 pm

3. Unit   | Thursday 16th of Nov    |   07:00 pm

4. Unit   | Thursday 23rd of Nov  |   07:00 pm

5. Unit   | Thursday 30th of Nov  |  07:00 pm

6. Unit   | Thursday 7th of Dec  |   07:00 pm

7. Unit   | Thursday 14th of Dec  |   07:00 pm

8. Unit   | Thursday 21st of Dec  |   07:00 pm

refresh your Ashtanga Yoga Knowledge

Quickly brush up on what you have already learned but perhaps somewhat forgotten in order to feel fit for a flawless yoga practice.

This course, consisting of 5 units, is suitable for people who already have yoga experience but may not have practiced for a long time or are interested in getting to know or brushing up on the basics of Ashtanga yoga. This course is not a beginner course. The course is structured so that we familiarize ourselves with the sequence and asanas of Ashtanga Yoga in 4 units. We look at the final position but first and foremost we familiarize ourselves with the variations of the individual asanas. The aim of this 5 week course is to build an independent practice that is tailored to the individual. The last unit is taught as a Mysore class (independent practice). The focus is on enjoying your own yoga practice. There is the option of registering for the advanced course for returners “A” or for the advanced course for returners “B”. The courses do not differ in content.


Course teacher: Manuela

Total course costs (5 units of 90 minutes each): 80 euros/person

Yoga Refreshment Course "A"

First Unit   |   Wednesday,  8th of Nov. | 10 am | led class

Second Unit  |  Wednesday  15th of Nov. | 10 am | led class

Third Unit  |  Wednesday, 22nd of Nov. |  10 am led class

Fourth Unit  |  Wednesday,  29th of Nov. |  10 am led class

Fifth Unit  |  Wednesday,  6th of Dec.  |  10 am Mysore Style 



Yoga Refreshment Course "B"

First Unit  |  Saturday, 4th of Nov.  | 11am | led class

Second Unit   |  Saturday, 11th of Nov. |  11am | led class

Third Unit  |  Saturday, 18th of Nov.  |  11am  | led class

Fourth Unit  |  Saturday,  25th of Nov.  |  11am  | led class

Fifth Unit |  Saturday,  2nd of Dec. |  11am  | Mysore Style 


9. & 10. Unit   |   in a yoga class of your choice with special guidance of the teacher.

Registration and entry into the beginners’ course is possible without problems until the 2nd course date.

Workshop Thema und Inhalt im  Juli 2023 – Fit für Mysore Klassen

  • Aufbau der eigenen Ashtanga Yoga Praxis
  • Wie weit soll geübt werden, welche Asanas kommen zusätzlich in Frage
  • Pranayama (Atem) Übungen
  • Erkennen der eigenen Schwachstellen und Bewältigung dieser mit ausgewählten zusätzlichen Asanas
  • Wie wirkt die Yoga Philosophie in die eigene Yoga Praxis hinein

Termin: Dienstag, 21. Juli 2023 von 19:00 Uhr – 21:00 Uhr (danach noch offenes Ende für Fragen etc) 

Kosten: 30 Euro  – Anmeldung erforderlich!  Wer kann teilnehmen? Jeder der Interesse an Yoga hat.


Workshop Thema und Inhalt im August 2023 – Bandhas erobern, halten und einsetzen 

  •  Bandhas – wo befinden sich die Bandhas anatomisch, wie werden sie gesetzt und gehalten
  • Zusatzübungen während der Praxis um die Bandhas aufzubauen
  • Vinyasa – mit den Bandhas springen – zurückspringen, durchspringen 
  • Vinyasa – Mit den Bandhas schweben 
  • Wie spüre ich ob die Bandhas da sind oder ob ich sie schon verloren habe
  • Energetische Aspekt der Bandhas
  • Yoga Philosophy  
  • Pranayama & Bandas

Termin: Dienstag, 25. August 2023 von 19:00 Uhr – 21:00 Uhr (danach noch offenes Ende für Fragen etc.)
Kosten: 30 Euro – Anmeldung erforderlich! Wer kann teilnehmen? Jeder der zumindest ein wenig Yoga Erfahrung mitbringt.


Workshop Thema und Inhalt im September 2023 – Rückbeugen 

  • Rückbeugen – wie bereite ich mich vor
  • Woran kann ich erkennen ob ich für die Rückbeugen bereits bereit bin
  • Asanas als Vorübungen für den Rückbeugen  
  • Welche Asanas in der Primary (1. Serie)  sind bereits Rückbeugen
  • Schwachpunkte erkennen und korrekt mit den richtigen Asanas und Übungen daran arbeiten
  • Energetisches Konzept um die Rückbeugen herum 
  • Yoga Philosophischer Aspekt

Termin: Freitag 22. September  2023 von 19:00 – 21:00 Uhr (danach offenes Ende für Fragen & Austausch etc.)

 Kosten 30 Euro – Anmeldung erforderlich! Wer kann teilnehmen? Jeder der eine regelmäßige Praxis hat und zumindest schon die halbe Brücke meistert. 


Termine für die Workshops im  Oktober, November, Dezember sowie Themen bzw. Inhalte werden noch bekanntgegeben.





Get to know Vienna - practice yoga - experience Cranio Sacrale healing work

A package for yoga practitioners and people interested in energetic healing work. 

Easy going is the way to move!

This special offer is aimed at people who would like to combine a stay in Vienna with daily yoga practice and a possible Cranio Sacral Treatment.

Who can take advantage of this special offer? This offer can only be booked in conjunction with participation in Yoga Classes at MAVIE YOGA CLUB WIEN. One focus of the visit to Vienna should be the Yoga practice. A Cranio Sacral Treatment can also be booked in combination with the package during your stay. The practice is ideally early in the morning so that the rest of the day is free. 

The Price of the package includes accomodation (max. 2 people) in a beautiful 90 m2 Apartment in the 18th District of Vienna. The green area and the quick accessibility (2 minutes to the most beautiful Parks in Vienna / 10 minutes to the Yoga Studio / 20 Minutes to the City Center) by public transport, characterize this particularly beautiful area in the middle of Vienna. 

The rates and availability depend on the days of the planned stay. Bookable and minimum stay: 3 nights.   

Package prices & arrangement on request.