Now what exactly is Yoga ?

For a better understanding for people who don’t know: 

Yoga is not Crazy Poses with our legs behind the head or somewhere else. It is also not a headstand or handstand. 

These are just poses. And a pose is not Yoga. But what is it then? 
Yoga is the light that shines in people’s eyes and faces. When you are in a room observing people doing asanas (poses), after they are finished with their practice, you can see something special in their faces. There is a light, there is a softness that radiates so much ease and peace and openness when they speak or walk or act or even don’t do anything – it is unique and very special. 

And exactly this is Yoga! 
But of course in order to get all of that, we have to practice some poses. But the poses we practice are not feel superior to others and to be photographed in crazy poses to show off! These poses are Therapy for the body, meant to burn all the patterns inside us and to clean the body and make the muscles soft and stretched. These poses help us to find freedom with ourself and live a better healthier life. These poses can be a resource that charges us up every day.

And most importantly, all this must be done so that YOGA can bloome and can develop. The effect of this work can be seen in the eyes and the faces, in behavior, in character and in all attitudes of an human being. 

By the way: Jesus was the greatest yogi ever. Have you seen any images of him sitting somewhere with crossed legs behind the head and let us see his uniqueness of doing crazy poses. 

But he showed up his whole lifetime with a heart full of love and full of compassion. His nature was pure and shining. A healer with holy spirit. He dedicated his life to caring and serving others.

Maybe this is a way to understand and practice Yoga.