“Mr. Janosch, Mr. Jansoch, how do you heal yourself?”

There are so many events in life that we cannot control. Some events bring us joy, while others can push us to the breaking point and shake us to our very foundations.

We can determine and influence how we deal with life and events and how we react to them.

No matter which path we choose; The strength to survive always comes from within. Having a tool on hand that strengthens me and gets me up again when I fall can become a life-saving and life-affirming anchor. My yoga practice gives me this strength, on the one hand in focus and on the other hand in the centered power that works in me.

With my yoga practice in hand, it is easy for me to distinguish right from wrong. I feel better about acting and reacting empathetically and humanely. It becomes routine that the well-being of one's own family and extended circle of friends is paramount and it becomes perfectly clear that selfish actions only divide, bring discord and do more harm than good to the well-being of everyone.
My yoga practice brings me good and creates good. But only if I practice regularly.
Practice is important, keep going. The flower only blooms when I water it regularly, nourish it, etc. It is similar with the flowers I may get when I practice yoga.

True to the motto:
"Mr. Janosch, Mr. Janosch, how do you heal yourself?"
"Headstand! This is yoga. Everything is reversed.
Up becomes down, and broken becomes good!”

I wish us a lot of strength in these challenging times!