In this week, I want to combine walking with yoga, to sharpen one`s own mindfulness, enjoying silence and step by step we are leaving our carousel of thoughts and getting in a state of calmness and peace. Crete is particularly suitable for this!

The seminar is suitable for people who like to be in the company and in a beautiful, healing environment to face the issues of their own lives and doing healing work for themselves.

Hiking and yoga has a strong transformational effect. One week we will practice together mindfulness in all our movements and doings, so we quickly get in the cause of their own discomfort. If the subjects show up and we are ready to watch them and we allow all emotions which are connected with these certain subjects, then we do healing work for ourselves.

This process is especially guided by me. I understand my doing in holding, supporting and being in the present for people who want to get ahead and take the step into the New.

Everyone wants to get in touch with life, having a good life – but only few dare the steps which are necessary. With Yoga I experience daily what is necessary to stay in contact with the movements of life.

“The questions of life which constantly arise are questions of the capacity of stretching!”

How far should I stretch myself daily – in which direction I should expand myself? in the direction of a person, partnership, job, towards a cause, a passion, a responsibility? How far should I go, at which point we should meet, where to stop, what is still healthy for me …?

All topics of life are affected by this question? To find the own suitable way, in my opining, this is part of having a good life but at the same time also the challange and the issue we got!

I found the answers in yoga! And with it the answer to all these questions which I constantly encounter in my life – every day and in many situations!

“Development only takes place when I constantly move out of my comfort zone and when I stretch that much that I can feel myself and my body by observing them. I want to leave the comfort zone but I do not want to get into the pain zone. My understanding of continuous development is to bring myself, which means body and mind, to the edge of the comfort which is close to the pain zone BUT it is still NOT the pain zone!”

Practicing this on a daily basis as well on the Mat as outside the Mat will give your Life a special touch!

Everyone may define this area for themselves! In the daily yoga practice (which does not always have to consist of physical exercises) I find this point very fast. In everyday life outside the mat it is more difficult. But with a proper practice which can be Yoga, Meditation or practicing mindfullness it is much easier to find this point which fits well.

Only the kind of exercises and the intensity of practice makes the difference!