Yoga & Ayurveda in Kerala/India

Yoga and Ayurveda is a perfect combination of purifying the body and mind to gain awareness of what is important in life and what is not.
My intension to organize this Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in India: “ India is the land of yoga`s origins, and the source of devotional or meditative inspiration. Practicing yoga in a place where generations of yogis have bent their bodies is like tapping into a deep spiritual spring. Visiting this place is a way of honoring the lineage of the great souls from whom we have received the teaching of yoga.“
Kerala, the most southern province of India, is called “God`s own country” by the locals. This part of India is known for the origin of the traditional Ayurvedic science.
In these two weeks we will focus on our inner peace and the ability to sense the own rhythm by getting awareness of the own pulse and biorhythms, moods, dreams and digestions while also allowing ourselves to listen to the shifting patterns of physiological rhythms, thoughts and emotions.
The amazing resort is surrounded by beautiful nature and lush vegetation – It is an oasis of peace and pureness, which brings us back to the origin of our being.
The special cuisine and the daily Ayurveda treatment fit the needs of each individual constitution type. With soothing massages and oil treatments, the senses can relax from everyday life. The daily Yoga and Meditation program, which is held in a harmonious and peaceful surrounding, invites you to pause, turn your attention inward and rediscover your authentic nature.


Beginners as well as advanced students are welcome to join the program. We practice every day. The weekly courses run from Saturday (Meet and Greet) until Friday evening.

 Morning classes

The morning Ashtanga Yoga classes will be guided in a soft way. We will focus on the breath – we will move with the breath. Movement and breath is like a dance, a creative process, which gets us to the origin of our being where we find peace, freedom and silence with ourselves and all the creations surrounding us.

 Afternoon classes

The afternoon lesson is split in two subject areas.
First area: We will focus on Meditation or sitting in silence. This practice of silence builds your ability for self-reflection to start noticing the thoughts, emotions and desires that come up without reacting to them.
Three times a week we will have a guided meditation on the Heart Chakra, Solarplexus Chakra and Root Chakra.
 Second area: Pranayama, as the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our vital life force.   We will focus on learning pranayama exercises, breathing techniques and sequences.
Retreat package from 28th of January till 11th of February 2017 (14 nights / 15 days). Included in the package:  Consultations with the Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic treatments, Accommodation, Vegeterian Ayurvedic food (3 meals per day), Full use of resort facilities.

 Room Category

Price with one Ayurvedic therapy daily

Price with two Ayurvedic therapy daily

Single Occupancy

   2,266 €

   2,588 €

Double Occupancy

   2,966 €

   3,946 €

About Kairali, The Ayurvedic Healing Village Resorts in Kerala

Kairali`s the Ayurvedic Healig Village is located in Palakkad, Kerala, deep in the heart of the birthplace of Ayurveda; the ideal place for an Ayurvedic health retreat based on authentic Vedic knowledge. The town of Palakkad is surrounded by the richest fauna and flora in Kerala, just kilometers away from the majestic mountain range between Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Kairali has been Declared Winner of World Travel Awards 2015, The „Oscar“ of the Travel Industry.
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