I am vibrantly healthy, happy, healed and whole from the top of my head to my big toe.
It is the feeling of wholeness that surrounds my body and my soul. Every part of my body is in a state of perfection, my hands and arms embrace all of life with great joy.
My nerves, mussels and bones express comfort and ease.
It is my inner peace and serenity acting on my tissue, my organs and my bones.
My mind and my body are flexibel, stretchable and open. Mind and body are in a natural flow

in the river of life

I have the freedom to move in any direction I choose; I have the freedom to choose any path I want which feels right and good for me.

From inner to outer, top down, all around, my body my temple is a joy to live in.

My inner child is nursed, loved, happy and perceived.

I forgive everyone and everything. I have ever forgotten to forgive. I practice freedom with myself and with the whole world I live in.

I have the gift to see beauty and the positive in all human beings and creatures. I see only perfection in my body and in my world.

I consider Life as a gift, I look forward to every day to everything new that happens, because I know

Life loves me and I love Life

and so it is!