An article in the Austrian newspaper “Kurier” published in June 2022 and republished in ORF -Science online, describes the reasons why this theory could be correct.

In my work (Yoga & Cranio Sacrale Therapy) I learn a lot about the importance of balance and the ability to keep yourself and the body in balance. Why is that? Quite simply: If you are in balance, you will not fall over at the first breeze that blows against you. How do you get into balance? As always in life, there are mostly multiple paths and options. But what is absolutely required is patience and perseverance and the will to practice. Patience and trust is the breeding ground for a successful, happy life. In our fast-moving times, where values ​​(if at all) only have a very short-term meaning, it is difficult to find orientation. We race through life, mostly consuming what is given to us on social media or somewhere else outside. During this time there is little room for your own ideas, creations and design options. Not least because of the supposed belief that everything is already there anyway. On the outside, that’s definitely true. There is too much of everything. Inwardly, however, the emptiness of people grows larger. And that is explained in a very natural way. When the energy of attention is 100% directed outwards, there is no energy left to direct inwards. Those who are outwardly oriented find it difficult to feel their own state of mind. Anyone who is outwardly oriented knows little about their own wishes and needs, and certainly nothing about their own possibilities. Our time is characterized by excessive outward orientation.

Many philosophical approaches describe people as happy when they are in balance. Many spiritual approaches require 100% introspection to attain what is called enlightenment. There are many ways of thinking about this topic.

As a Cranial Sacral therapist and in my wonderful job of accompanying people in their yoga practice, I have had many experiences that confirm that balance in terms of inner and outer orientation is probably the best way to survive well in life. We need introspection to be able to master situations well. Introspection sharpens our intuition and lets us instinctively make the right decisions in life.

Those who act out of intuition are in good contact with life and the big picture. On the other hand, we live here on earth and that also means that we have to root and ground ourselves completely in order to survive well in life. This rooting in the here and now takes place on the outside. This means that the outward orientation is just as necessary and important as the inward orientation. Both are important and also correspond to the male/female principle, the Yin/Yang idea, the theory of equilibrium and balance.

Being in balance also means having found the middle. This middle is a kind of centering that brings serenity. These properties nourish, strengthen and support our nervous system. People who have found their center in life are more relaxed, happier, know about their possibilities and work with them.

Stress or restlessness, being driven, constantly looking for something new or something better, always needing more and having to compare etc. etc. All of these characteristics are certainly not associated with people who rest in their midst. A balanced person is probably not completely above things either, but at least well on one leg. And not only the ability to stand on one leg is life-extending, but all the skills and qualities that you have acquired on the way there, that’s what keeps us alive longer and healthier. This includes having the muse to practice physical exercises, to want to look inward, to perceive how you are, to find your own center by working with your own energies in the body, moving them to the left and to the right and then for many, many breaths enjoy standing on one leg. All of this requires practice, but even more patience and perseverance. In the yoga practice we practice everything that is described here. In yoga practice, harmony is the supreme principle. We consciously and carefully bring the body into a harmonious asana “body position” and wait until the spirit has anchored itself in the body and found its center. This happens through breathing. We invite the spirit to find itself in the middle of the body and to stay there through intensive but always gentle breathing. This is how we feel and perceive ourselves more and more and find harmony on all levels.

Yoga is a special gift to us humans. But how it is with gifts: unwrapping, accepting and the extent of celebrating and enjoying this gift is an individual matter and every person decides for himself for his life whether and how this gift is consi

“Working with energies in yoga practice and in life.” All of this will be the theme of the yoga week in early September on the island of Crete near the town of Lentas. Crete is an energetic island and lends itself perfectly to such retreats. Last minute inquiries are always welcome.