The real BEAUTY lies in simplicity - simply one bag one mat - and GO

Yoga Retreat & Workshop

All about Yoga and the yoga practice which comes in combination with leasure time, going to the beach, beeing alone or with the group, tasting pure nature, surfing, kiting, going for safari, having a good time, feeling yourself recovered and reconnected in a few days after you got back to your inner power, this and more …

…. do you need something more …?

All of this is possible, just book and come as you are. The retreats I organize are for everyone and everybody.

Yoga Retreat 2017 CRETE

Pleas find more details and informations about the CRETE Retreat at:


Yoga Retreat 2017/2018 KENIA

AFRICA / KENIA 2017 November 2017 und February 2018

YOGA combined with surfing and kiting at DIANI Beach plus 3 days on Safari tour

Different packages bookable.