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Yoga in Kenia Africa / Diani Beach

10th of February 2018 – 24th of February 2018 with Manuela Mavieyoga

For two weeks, get into something new. A special yoga retreat in Kenya in connection with surfing, kite surfing or a safari. In February the wind conditions at the sea are excellent and favor these sports. Daily yoga in the morning and three afternoon sessions per week with additional workshops like “Energetic Healing” and “Pranayama” etc. will make this holiday unforgettable.



YOGA with Manuela / Mavieyoga from

 10th of February 2018 – 24th of February 2018

Offer and program for beginners with little yoga experience and advanced.

  • Asanas (physical exercises)
  • Pranayama (breath control)
  • Meditation (introduction to meditation with guidance and self-observation)
  • Energetic Healing – The theme of this event is: “How can I solve pain, tension, blockages in the body and convert it back into flowing energy”. LINK: http: //

We practice every day but only as it allows our own mobility and endurance. The conscious perception of the body and breathing are the main focus. Even in the first days of your yoga practice, you experience a changed body feeling. Where there was hardening, there you will feel softness. The body becomes stronger and stronger. Trust in yourself and in the process grows. This provides the basis for the opening towards life and towards an increased energy flow. The Energetic Healing Seminar is based on this process.

The place where the Retreat will take place, Villa Baobab at Diani Beach, is beautifully designed. The garden is full of magnificent plants and flowering flowers. For me, a small Garden of Eden with wonderful energy – a place where the positive arises and a place of transformation favors. The swimming pool with marvelous sun beds is also a meeting zone, which is harmoniously placed in the garden in such a way that every simultaneous seminar work or energetic healing work, due to the size of the area, can take place undisturbed. The program is diverse – everyone decides which seminars he would like to participate in. There will also be plenty of time to enjoy the activities on the beach more or less extensively.

Costs and organization of accommodation / flights

  • Yoga weeks are bookable on weekly basis. 
  • The participants are accommodated in one or two houses. At the time of the retreat, the houses are only available to yoga participants. The whole complex is well protected and also protected by sight from outside. Pool landscapes, splendid gardens, meditation places in the nature, meeting places, healthy, vegetarian meals with plenty of fruit, different selection of rooms … All this is available and is included in the offer.
  • Once a week there is a theme night in a beautiful location with a restaurant close to the sea.
  • Yoga mats, blocks, belts, light towels or blankets are available.
  • The sea is a few minutes from the Retreat Center. On the beach there are several possibilities: kite surfing, windsurfing for beginners as well as for professionals. A safari can be booked separately. I am glad to help with the selection and the organization.

Total costs and list of ALL INCLUSIVE services

  • Yoga Retreat incl. accommodation, meals, yoga plus all afternoon sessions (except beach and safari activities), accommodation in double or triple rooms.
  • Vegetarian food, fruit, vegetables from the region are freshly prepared daily and served in buffet form. There are two main meals. Breakfast / brunch after the yoga classes and a big buffet for dinner. In between are offered healthy snacks, fruit, cakes etc.
  • Drinks: tea, coffee, fresh water.
  • Transfer from and to the airport.
  • The rooms and the entire house are equipped with air conditioning. Laundry service. Ironing Service. 5000 m2 garden, meditation places, private pool, enough space for solitude / togetherness. Private security service. Housemaid. House Manager. Taxi rides to the beach / supermarkets / or in the nearby environment are organized but are to be paid for themselves. (Taxi rides in Kenya are very cheap).

Booking Options:

A) 1 week / person (All In MavieYoga Retreat) from 10th – 17th of February 2018: 800 Euro + Flight (self-organized) + Visa (40 Euro)

B) 1 week / person (All In MavieYoga Retreat) from 18th – 24th of February 2018: 800 Euro + Flight (self-organized) + Visa (40 Euro)

C) 2 weeks / person (All in MavieYoga Retreat) from 10th – 24th of Febraury 2018: 1600 Euro + flight (self-organized) + visa (40 Euro)

D) 1 week per person Yoga retreat plus 1 week without participation in the retreat but remaining in the house from 3rd – 17th of February 2018: 1100 Euro + flight (to be organized by yourself) + visa (40 Euro)

E) 1 week per person Yoga retreat plus 1 week without participation in the retreat but remaining in the house from 18th of February – 3rd of March 2018: 1100 Euro + flight (to be organized by yourself) + visa (40 Euro)

F) There are always options to stay longer or arrive earlier – for these inquiries please write an Email to Manuela

Flight is self-organized!

Booking details or further information – please write an email to Manuela:

All about the Retreat place at DIANI in Kenia: