atha yoga-anushasanam


My way of seeing yoga

Yoga is neither gymnastics, nor a workout. Yoga is a form of introspection and it takes place on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Yoga brings you to a place where you can be at peace with yourself and others. Each Asana in its entirety is a harmonious dance involving movement and breathing, with a focus on an external point, but with retreat inwards.

Who can practise yoga?

Whoever is able to breathe can practise yoga. It isn’t an exotic or complicated matter, rather a simple means to enrich one’s life. It doesn’t depend on age, constitution, or specific belief. Yoga is suitable for every type of body and can be incorporated into every life situation.

Everybody has a chance to align their movements and breathing. In this way authentic yogis and not Asana junkies come into being.

My perspective on what makes a good yoga instructor

A good yoga instructor attends to the needs of learners, according to where they are at in terms of their own yoga practice. The instructor can tell through body movement and breathing at which point a person is, and what he or she needs to restore harmony. A competent yoga teacher instructs the learner in the development of his or her own yoga and should never encourage the learner to take over that which the instructor practises him or herself. Infact, the instructor should be entirely focused on the development of the learner.

What is good practise?

R.Sharath Jois answered the question:

“What is good practice?’”, in the following way:

“Getting up and being on your mat
and doing what you can, that is sufficient.
That is good practice.’”

In this spirit, I wish you many wonderful experiences in your own yoga practice.