Energetic Healing Workshop

Energetic healing seminar in Sougia
To perceive the body in its vibration, to release blockages and bring its own energy back in a healthy flow.

It can be learned to a certain extent. The ability to perceive one’s own body, to feel in oneself in order to recognize possible disbalances, discrepancies in one’s body, is given to us all, from birth. In the course of life, these abilities are getting more and more out of our memory until we can no longer remember having ever had these abilities.
In this workshop, I would like to remind every one of you that this ability, which is inherent from birth, is still there. This is a process and the way to go there is not the same but different for everyone.
In this seminar, I would like to explore with the participants ways and possibilities to get in touch with one’s own ability to sense and to experience them. One aim in the seminar would be to experience sensitization for one’s own body and the world of different feelings to observe them and made them conscious again. We focus on inward attentions, so that a whole new world can be opened up – a world of which one always knew in the innermost heart that it was there, but it may have been forgotten in the course of life. The remembrance of these indwelling self-healing powers, the mobilization of these and different possibilities for the maintenance of one’s own health, all this is part of the workshop and what I would like to convey.
Health, taken as a whole, refers to all levels of being – on the physical as well as on the mental level. Obtaining this is an important task for every human being. A person who is self-responsible begins to deal with this topic will feel and experience the connectedness to being, to life, and the force that emerges from it much more intense than people who leave or transfer the responsibility for their own health to someone else.


Offer for the Energetic Healing Workshop in SOUGIA/Crete in June 2017, and September 2017

3 Sessions (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday) – each session lasts 1 1/2 hour / week

costs for the seminar (3 Sessions) 50 EURO


from  3rd of June – 10th of June 2017 (4th, 6th,8th of June) or

from 10th of June – 17th of  June 2017 (11th, 13th, 15th of June) or

from 17th of Juni – 23rd of Juni 2017 (18th, 20th, 22nd of June) or

from15th of July 2017 – 29th of July 2017 or

 from 5th of August – 25th of August 2017 or

from 16th of September – 23rd of  September 2017 (17th, 19th, 21st of Sept).