A dream come true!

Yoga goes Sougia

10. July 2014

Yoga goes Sougia

A dream came true!

For many years an idea had been going through my mind, and whenever I spent my holidays in Sougia I knew that yoga and Sougia would be a wonderful combination.The message was clear, and the adventure began.

The organisation took around 9 months. In October 2013 I chose the yoga location Fortuna as my place of preference. Nikos from Sougia, the owner of the Lotos Café is also the owner of the Fortuna. He was able to transform the place to such an amazing extent that, on my arrival in June 2014, I was more or less speechless. It came across as a beautiful, sunny place, an oasis of calm and stillness, an invitation to spend time, do yoga, sing and dance.

For the mats, belts and blocks Nikos had created a beautiful storage room. I was impressed.

A real Yoga Shala has been come into being here, I thought to myself. Exactly how I had dreamed of it over the years.

The training began immediately the following day. My offer for June consisted of sessions in the mornings and afternoons. I had fixed registrations from Vienna, Germany and England for the 2 weeks. I was, therefore, assured that I wouldn’t be making use of the place alone. At this point I didn’t know whether the guests in Sougia would be interested in doing yoga or not.


Sougia is a small, special place and news travels fast amongst the holidaymakers. So it didn’t take long before the yoga sessions were being attended by more people. It was amazing to see how the enthusiam spread.To be able, at the end of a yoga session, to see so many smiling and happy faces is the dream of every yoga instructor, and I was granted this wish.

The Mantra Singing Evening on Sunday, which I organised spontaneously, was also a highlight for me during my 2 weeks in Sougia. After singing together we rounded off the occaision with a sociable and funny round of tea and biscuits.

My return to Vienna was planned for the Saturday evening. I wanted to have this day free as I had been having up to 3 yoga sessions per day over the last 2 weeks. When I informed my students of this they asked me to hold a final morning session on Saturday before I left. I willingly allowed myself to be persuaded and was happy that the yoga training had been so well received. On that Saturday, for the first time, I had a lack of yoga mats due to so many students attending the session. This was the most wonderful confirmation of all for me.

The 2 weeks in Sougia were, for me, an experiment, with an unknown outcome. I only knew the following: the journey leads to Sougia, I have a great deal of luggage and a couple of students who are following me there, plus a place to do yoga which I know of. However I was not aware how the location would look in its refurbished state.

That the people of Sougia took on board the yoga idea in such a wonderful way was a further criterion for a very positive beginning.

The fundament for my future Yoga Shala Project in Sougia has been laid.

The next sessions have been planned and organised. The project is already up and running and it will grow.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported me and all the yoga students who showed me that I am on the right pathway.