An Artist is a dreamer counseling to dream of the actual world

Art & Thought


“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an Artist will answer you: I am here to live out loud”. I feel a privilege to born as an artist, to sense life as a melody. Me, Priyank Gothwal living and studying Art in India. Art act as a salt, which brings taste in my life. It is a source of energy that keeps me moving. As born in the artistic background, creations are in my blood. My parents are Indian traditional Miniature painters, have a gallery in Udaipur Rajasthan and my brother studying contemporary art with me. It’s an honor for me to have a family of creative minds. As a result, I never feel a lack of motivation in my life.

My dreams in life, as it’s been said: “An Artist is a dreamer counseling to dream of the actual world.” As a part of Society it’s my responsibility to give back to the Society, as I am seeking everything from it only. So I dream, I‘ll able to give a new, innovative and healthy perception to it. I believe that if society fits you comfortably enough, you call it freedom.


Priyank is a dedicated fine Artist and a good friend of mine. He lives in India. I was talking to him about my idea and my dream to have an Ashtanga Yoga Poster Primary Series and all poses should be done by a woman. Priyank was excited about my idea and offered me to paint and draw all the poses. The result of his Art of Drawing you can see and buy in the SHOP AREA on my website.


Priyank Gothwal