Improve your Practice by beeing instructed personally


Private Lesson

When a private session is usefull and can be recommended:

Private Lessons are highly recommended when the students wants to deepen their own Yoga Practise. Very often students only join led classes. The teacher mostly instruct and cannot observe every student at the same time. Many problems in the body come when the student practices in a wrong way. If the teacher is highly experiencend in body language and has a good and daily own Yoga Practice then a private yoga session with such a teacher is the best you can do to improve your own practise. Sometimes two or three single sessions are enough to get a perfect practice and to avoid all problems which might come when asanas will be done by the wrong way. If that happened, the body might be hurted over the time of practicing.

costs for single private Yoga Lession which will last at minimum  90 minutes: 90 EURO

bookable easily and when ever you feel like either by writing an email or giving me a call:

Mobil: +43 / 676 56 660 28

I instruct in german and english as well.